Why I quit Big Bang Theory


Lunch break in  school was another games period. Most of the kids would gobble their lunch in minutes and run to the field. In high school, break was the time to quickly complete that pending assignment and In under grad it became the rat race to mess to get a hot meal.

I joined my class M2 in second year and felt out of place in the first few days. During the break, I would escape into one of the empty class rooms and scribble portents of Antichrist on the blackboard (I wonder why it got boring after a while :P). I loved the 15 mins of solitude so much that   even after making friends I would still prefer spend the break there because I felt more like myself alone. The reason I was at ease because I had no agenda and my mind could wander freely.

Now a days, I religiously follow a “schedule” like a robot. I plan (had planned) my breaks with the shows I would watch on a daily basis  and had a fixed time of the day where I would spend on social media. Gradually watching series stopped relaxing me, Social networking seemed less appealing but I did both out of sheer compulsion. It seemed these breaks had turned into another form of work. One day, I asked myself are my breaks taking over me?. ..The answer was yes they were 😦

It’s a scientific fact that it takes 21 days to quit a habit so I thought why not try quitting series for 3 weeks?.Just to challenge myself. It  was very hard initially, I kept looking at the calendar and wondered when it would reach the 21’st day. Gradually I felt a new kind of freedom. Part of my mind was always worried about the next week’s story. I watched 5-6 series so it was a tedious task in itself to stay updated. I realized that I didn’t have to spend time searching for files or bicker with my brother over the bandwidth. It gradually changed from restraint to freedom.

Over planning my schedule was a mistake. Planning is good to maintain a good routine but over planning messes it up. Come to think of it the greatest things in my life have come without any pre planning. Trying for IIT (leading to join NITK), Programming, Web Development, Job, Writing, Swimming, research papers and playing the piano. (LOL that’s everything about me :P) 

I have had the most fun during some unplanned events because it was when I was open to experiences. After I finished the 21 days hiatus successfully,  I didn’t find the need to start seeing series again. Watching series is a good thing, I still encourage people to watch Big Bang theory and Mentalist. Comedy is a must for staying healthy but I feel I overdid it. I enjoyed watching series but I guess, I needed a break from the break. For me life is much simpler without having to wonder whether Klaus will Burn Mystic Falls, Jane captures Red John or Raj gets a GF etc every week   

What I learnt?
Big bang theory is tooo funny
Learn to break the breaks


Vikram Kamath

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