My best friend


    Social Media is a great development in past few years. Internet bridges the gap in geographies by it's plethora of applications and social media. Social Media leads to form communities and trigger friendships. Now, "friends" are tagged as the one's who tweet, ping, comment or reply to us on the web. My question is who are our true friends in this miasma?. Honestly, even I don't know but I have a small story that led me to my best friend. 

    Almost twenty years ago, I was the prince of my house. I was pampered by everybody, I would get away with mischief using my Bambi eyes. This foreplay reached it's peak when my brother was born. I finally  had someone whom I could bully but injustice never goes unnoticed. I was punished brutally by  "Lectures of doom" (Shudders). Gradually my mischief's got out of hand so I got reprimanded more often. I lost the constant attention that I thrived upon. The change felt like being exiled from my own kingdom. I needed an ally to reign again.

    What I was going through was social withdrawal symptoms. I took a little longer to attune myself towards my new relationships. When things got uneasy, I started looking looking outside to fill the void. This is also imbibed in our society. Teenagers stay aloof from parents and seek shelter among friends. Adults feel being in a relationship completes them (Thanks to the film industry :). Later stages leading to more unnecessary drama. In essence every stage in life people are lonely and find solutions by looking for company (The ally). I feel that is a short term solution, it's like covering a leaking pipe with a cloth, water will gush out eventually like there's no tomorrow. Why don't we just close the tap? 

    As an introvert I look for solutions inside. My ally and best friend is me. The one person that is always there no matter what. I rarely hangout with others because I always have a great time with myself. Honestly, I am the only one who knows me well. Other's  form an impression clouded by dogma. I am pretty sure, even my dogma clouds how I see others. So twitter is my favorite form of communication 🙂

    Solitude has  seeped into my character and hobbies. I am most productive when I am away from people. My favorite pass time is reading fiction in a quiet room. I love long distance  swimming as it is best done alone. I get some amazing ideas when I am cut off from society.

    Essentially I have wired myself to enjoy solitude to remove loneliness. I learn more about myself by mediation and spending quality time with myself daily. I have a very very long way to go to improve myself but I know for sure I'll get there with me. Knowing myself helps empathize better. Forgiving myself teaches me to forgive other people's shortcoming. Also, asking myself what I truly want helps me live more minimally  It has got it's perks I can say.
     "If you make friends with yourself you will never be alone"


2 thoughts on “My best friend

  1. Great!!!That is a excellent philosophical note!!(Not to mention the nice irony – "quality time with myself"!!!)

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