Bubble trouble

Aura one of the metaphysical things that puzzles me.  It’s very existence gives a feeling of mysticism and magic to humans, like a warrior in Dragon Ball Z,  Jedi or a Magicians of Alagesia. The closest thing that I can relate Aura is our paradigms. We form opinions about the world in our childhood and they  grow to become the bubbles through which we see the world


Many a times, we form opinions by seeing only a part of a situation through our bubble. What we see is usually the tip of the iceberg. One incident that comes to mind is my neighbors maid. She’s a middle aged woman who spends her whole day at their place. She has got shrill voice and can be heard throughout the neighborhood. I gradually got irritated with her cacophony. She spoke longer and louder to the children and yelled at cats! (Seriously?). To me it seemed like a crazy woman with a a microphone yelling in a strange Kannda accent. I learnt to shut off my irritation to noise but suspected that something wasn’t right in the scene

I guessed that she may not have a child. I asked around and the truth was heart breaking….. She was not only childless but also a widow, She lived alone and had no relatives in the vicinity. I then realized how lonely she was. In this superstitious world, where people associate portents with every negativity, she probably had to undergo harsh comments by society. Her added affection to cats and children told about love that was denied to her. My irritation was replaced by compassion and I am angry with myself for not empathizing enough. I saw my side of the picture and it was skewed. It was easy to disband her as crazy but hard to assume that there was something fishy

An example in Science is Newton v/s Einstein  Laws of Newton were considered absolute, until Einstein proved that they were a simplification when the particle was travelling at speeds close to the speed of light. Newton seems entirely wrong in the global scale but at lower  speeds, his laws are perfect. Judging by what was given to him,  Newton did a great job in mechanics possibly even better than Einstein. So, being in a bubble is good if you use your tools well.. Every body is in one


We cannot see the entire iceberg but we can approximately calculate it’s length by knowing the relative density of ice and water. Similarly there is no way to peek into others bubble entirely but making assumptions about them is wrong(Like how I did with the maid). We have no idea what they are going through.  I am fairly simple guy so it should be easy for me see the world outside my small bubble but I did not.. I can only guess that it will be much harder for people who are truly amazing as they have an abundance of experience 🙂

I know a very rich family that lives a simple life, it’s easy to disband them as cheap but very hard to look up to them as minimalists. Usually, its easier to look down upon people because of our ego.. Looking inside bubbles feels like visiting a different dimension. A beggar becomes a master, mother becomes a child, cousins becomes friends and friends become family.

Well, this is what I think. I learnt from experience that judging a book from it’s cover isn’t right. I hope gave a positive outlook towards this , Thanks for reading

Have a nice day

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