The Swimming Goggle

It’s been a while since I wrote, I have been doing some soul searching lately, trying to get to know myself through solitude. So far it’s just been watching funny YouTube videos :P. Luckily, I came across a video about Micheal Phelps’ training regime. He trains insanely hard to perfect even the minuscule details. It was really inspiring that he even thinks to out maneuver his opponents while sleeping. He states that great athletes don’t let minor limitations like sickness, laziness or mood to malinger from training. I too enjoy swimming as hobby and I try to improve whenever possible on an amateur level.

Michael Phelps wins in the men's swimming 200m individual medley

I usually train a bit on the weekends and read newspaper (Deccan Herald comics!)  at Indiranagar Club. During the winter season, swimming in the morning gets difficult towards the year end. I recently lost my swimming goggles so I was adjusting to my new pair. Last week, the cold and my new goggles deterred my swim but I persevered. Water kept seeping in my left eye and I had to stop after every lap to tighten my goggles. My frustration rapidly grew with every lap and I was annoyed with the ordeal. After about 5mins I yanked my googles really hard and it came apart. Seeing it in parts, churned my irritation into panic. I had spent quite a sum of money on swimming gear in the past month and had resolved to handle my items carefully. This was a serious blow to my resolution and I was disappointed with my negligence.


Examining my goggles I discovered that a small plastic piece with a groove was missing. I was in the shallow end, so I could ideally dive in and recover it. The trees were shedding so the shallow end of the pool was cluttered with small twigs and stalks. My dives for the missing piece were futile by the mirage of the twigs. I stood there in the cold morning, shivering, surrounded by ripples, making it impossible to spot the small plastic groove. The more I tried walking , the more ripples I would produce occluding the pool, making it harder to see. The cold breeze and my restless state made it impossible to not to squirm about. I felt defeated, restless and even a little ashamed. I was in this predicament because as I had let a little water bother me, I may not be a great athlete but that does not inhibit from working to be a good one.


Your mind is like this water, my friend. When it is agitated, it becomes difficult to see. But if you allow it to settle, the answer becomes clear — Oogway 

Heeding to this voice in my head, I stayed still, allowing myself to calm mentally and physically for a few moments. I dived at a hunch and luckily found the missing piece. After a few nerve racking minutes of fumbling with wet hands, I mended the contraption. I was up swimming live a motor boat ( A very slow motor boat :P). Yay Phelps! Yay YouTube! I focused on finishing the laps and working on my freestyle. The little water in my eye and the cold were just minor obstacles, a reflection of my unsteady state of mind.

I tend to forget the value for the subtle things that are vital to me. It could be a piece of plastic, a person, a whatsapp message or even the bottle of water. We never value something till we lose it. I learnt that I needed to be more grateful for little things as they are important. I also need to stop struggling and relax a little. A little moment equanimity can save hours of confusion. As the tortoise says calming my mind goes a long way for a little parity.

Summing up what I learnt

  1. Speedo goggles are great !
  2. I need therapy for the voices in my head !
  3. Finally stop complaining, be grateful and get going!!

Have a nice day

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