Freestyle lesson from a kid!

I have been swimming at Indiranagar club for the past 10 years.  The pool is around 25m X 10m but it’s well maintained. As  a teenager, I used to spend my evenings  there now, I hit the pool in the morning during weekends.  One day, I noticed a few children playing in the pool. One of the kids refused to play to practice.  It was an impressive coming from a  8ish year old. This kid used to come on weekends with her dad to practice. Last week, I saw her complete an entire lap. Her dad kept encouraging through the ordeal and she eventually made it across.  (I was able to complete a lap when I was 15 :P)

My experience with swimming did not have a smooth start.  I couldn’t get through the kick board phase and my coach had given up on me. My dad took it on himself to and eventually taught me to swim. I practiced, practiced and PRACTICED  (Still Practice :P) … Today, I am a decent swimmer.  I can attribute it to the years of practice and the right encouragement from my dad.


Our inhibitions and peer pressure dissuade us from reaching our goals.  Though they may deter us, we have the will conquer them. Our peers or fears don’t live our life. We need to make the most of it. A wonderful lesson to add to my decade of swimming experience from a child (We  can always learn from anybody! ).  Many skills come easily to us because our bodies and minds are attuned to them by our past. Occasionally, we encounter a skill outside our expertise and perform miserably at it. Diligence towards conquering them, eventually builds characters and paves way for new ideals.

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